1961 Oahu White & Gold Amp (Valco/Supro)

This is a vintage 1961 Oahu White & Gold amplifier. This gorgeous specimen was the absolute best amp Oahu had to offer, and the sophisticated cosmetic appointments clearly conveyed prestige. Made by Valco (Supro, Airline, Gretsch, National, etc.) for an extremely short period of time, this amp was discontinued less than 9 months after being introduced to the Oahu line, making it one of the rarest Valco products ever made. This particular example, serial number T52278, is in 100% original condition, works perfectly and even includes the original tubes.

While this amp may appear to be drastically dissimilar to anything affiliated with Supro, it shares it’s schematic with perhaps the most coveted Supro amp of all: the 1624T. Yep, with an identical schematic and the exact same tube configuration, the Oahu White & Gold is essentially a dressed up version of Surpo’s famous 1624T. The only difference is that the Oahu features (2) 6″x11″ oval speakers, while the 1624T sports a single 12″.

This amp is in remarkably fine condition. While in pristine, very excellent, cosmetic shape, there is one unsightly issue on the side of the amp. The appearance of a yellow stain was actually caused by sap leaking from a knot. The bright white vinyl tolex did not help conceal the factory defect, which is highly common to all amps constructed from pine. Otherwise, the vinyl and metal grill are in perfect shape. Even the incredibly delicate gold band is in beautiful condition. Although gold-colored Supro chassis’ become rust-ridden quite easily, this control panel exhibits only minimal signs of oxidation.

This amp was recently serviced, and works absolutely perfectly. The replaced capacitors are included, and an additional NOS pair of power tubes are also included.