1961 Martin 00-28G

This is a vintage 1961 Martin 00-28G nylon-stringed classical acoustic guitar. This particular example, serial number 176330, is in very nice 100% original condition and includes the original hard shell case. This well-preserved Brazilian Rosewood example, is cosmetically stunning, an its simple features remain clean, intact, and attractive. With an exotic arrangement of selected woods and the highly skilled craftsmanship of the C.F. Martin & Co. luthiers, the 00-28G is one of the finest vintage classical guitars, and easily the best vintage gut string guitars made in the United States.

As briefly mentioned, this attractive 00-28G is in very nice all original condition. This no issues example is in perfect structural condition, and is void of cracks, breaks, repairs, etc. The combination of Martin’s famous guitar-building techniques and the superior quality materials results in a truly unique and fantastic nylon string guitar. The wider nut width is taken into consideration with the refined shape and contour of the neck profile. The action and playability is amazingly comfortable, while the projection and sound-quality is equally as impressive. Perfect for recording, and clearly above adequate for all other practical use, it would be hard to imagine buying a better nylon string guitar for less than $10,000.00.

The guitar exhibits very minimal and concentrated playing wear. Aside from the pick wear under the treble side of the soundhole, the only other significant condition flaw appears to be the slight bubbling of the finish around the neck heel, which is typically the result of heat exposure in that particular area. There are several larger-than-life-size photos illustrating this superficial finish damage. Thankfully, whatever caused the finish to react in such a way had zero effect on the wood underneath, and is not an eye sore due to it confining a small area near the neck heel only.

Features of this ’61 00-28G include: original nitrocellulose natural finish, even grained spruce top, exemplary Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, original 3-in-a-row open-back Kluson tuning machines and the original Victoria hard case!

The neck is perfectly straight, and the neck angle is perfectly intact. Completely opposite from the steel string Martins, which sometimes suffer from poor and unmanageable neck angles, this nylon example retains a beautiful factory neck angle. The original Kluson tuning machines work perfectly, and hold the guitar in tune. The original frets exhibit minimal wear, and do not need to be dressed or replaced, also thanks to the nylon strings and the corresponding innate lighter tension. The bridge is also perfectly intact, with no indication of lifting or bellying. Once again, there are no cracks, breaks, or separations.

As mentioned the guitar includes the original case which happens to be in very excellent condition.