1961 Gibson SG Les Paul

This is a vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 41033, is in very excellent completely original condition and comes with the original black hard case! This amazing instrument looks, plays and sounds fantastic, and was once a $25,000.00 guitar. Watch the videos featuring this exact guitar!

The ’61 Gibson SG didn’t just inherit the Les Paul designation, it also received: PAF pickups with nickel covers, an identical electronic arrangement, an ABR-1 tun-o-matic, a sideways Maestro Vibrola, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, single-line Kluson Deluxe double-ring tuners, chrome insert top hat knobs, and the original black tolex hard case.

This beautiful no issues example is in very clean original condition. It exhibits expected playing wear, various superficial scratches that are not through the lacquer finish, several dings and dents and the usual patina and oxidation of metal hardware.

This nice intact example has never been modified, broken, repaired or restored. Every part is original to the guitar, and it is perfect for both players and collectors alike.

The neck features an exceptional profile and shape, and also has original factory large frets. The original cherry red finish has not faded that much, and the overall appearance of the guitar is highly attractive. The original PAF pickups are unmolested and still retain the original nickel covers which have never been removed. All of the other electronics are original, as are the corresponding solder joints.

This particular guitar happens to be one of the most exceptional Les Paul SGs I have had the pleasure of owning. Everything about it is great, and the tone is undeniable. This light example weighs only 7 lbs.

Now is the time to get a great deal on vintage PAF Gibson guitars, especially this one. Early-60s SGs are incredible bargains at the moment, so hurry before they go up in value again!