1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard (Body/Neck only)

This is a vintage 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard electric guitar body and neck. This extremely early SG Les Paul example, serial number 15272, is intact and does not display any cracks, breaks, nor structural damage and includes the original back plate, the original ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge posts, as well as, non-original Grover tuning machines. With an incredibly rare “1” prefix serial number, this is the earliest SG we have ever documented by nearly ten thousand serial numbers. Originally, this guitar came with mid-’60 Centralab pots, long magnet PAF pickups, and a 5-latch Brown case, which makes this the earliest variety ever produced. The body and neck meet at a flush non-stepped neck heel, which is also a very early structural detail unique to early production SG guitars only. While this guitar was tastefully and professionally modified for a real player, it still retains all of the original appeal, and even enhanced mojo.

Serial Number: 15272 (Ink stamped)
Weight: 5 lbs. 6 oz.

As briefly mentioned, there are several small modifications to this guitar, all of which are on the neck. Firstly, the guitar had the common Grover tuning machine upgrade, which replaced the original tulip-button Kluson Deluxe tuning machines. This was unfortunately a common mod, and while many were executed by amateurs, a real expert luthier performed the installation, as well as, the inevitable re-fret. Before installing the Grovers, the thorough repair included filling the original holes, and applying a very light lacquer clear coat over the back of the headstock only. This was to effectively make the work look as clean and professional as possible, which I feel was quite successful. Incredibly, this guitar does not display the all-too-common neck heel stress crack, the headstock break, nor the input jack fracture, and the mahogany body and neck are structurally perfect.

Other than the jumbo fret re-fret, the tuning machine replacement, and the fine application of lacquer, this guitar is 100% original. The cherry finish is all original, though typically faded to a less rich color. There are no additional holes, nor affiliated stress cracks around the input jack. As can be seen, this guitar originally came with a Maestro sideways Vibrola, and otherwise standard hardware. With a fresh set of easily acquired parts, or with the addition of some vintage hardware, this guitar will be an incredible player in no time!