1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This is a vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” vintage electric guitar. This last variety triple-P.A.F. “Fretless Wonder” Les Paul Custom, serial number 0570, is in very good mostly original condition. While this incredible sounding example remains in perfectly structural condition (with no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs) it has been re-fretted along with the fingerboard having been re-bound. While there are fewer P.A.F. LP Customs than ‘Bursts, the exact shipping total for those that left the factory in ’61 is unknown.

As mentioned above, this example is perfectly intact, and has not been broken, cracked nor repaired. The incredibly comfortable neck is in excellent shape, the neck heel is crisp and the neck angle is fantastic. As can be deduced by the non-original frets, the previous owner was a player, and the guitar has been wired accordingly. Currently, the guitar has an entirely matching set of mid-’61 SG pots, though it include 3 of the 4 original late ’60 pots, with the middle PAF pickup not being soldered in-line. At the moment, the guitar is wired exactly like a Les Paul Standard, with the subsequent control knobs responding the same way as well.

All of the parts are original except for the tune-o-matic, which appears to be a wire-retainer Pat. No. version from the mid-’60s. Otherwise, the Grover tuning machines, light-weight stop tail, black knobs, PAF pickups, M-69 surrounds, pickguard, truss rod cover and pebble case are all original.

This guitar sounds amazing and the re-fret and fingerboard re-bind have enhanced the “fretless wonder” action by about 5,000%. It’s definitely on the light side for Les Paul Customs, and weighs 9 lbs exactly.