1961 Fender Precision Bass

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Precision Bass guitar. This particular example features a very rare Dakota Red finish, with a gold metallic undercoat. This 100% all original P-bass, serial #60803, is in excellent cosmetic condition and features all original parts, including: the aforementioned custom color finish, a maple neck with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, a tortoise shell material pickguard, reverse tuning machines, original pickups, original pots, original bridge and pickup cover, original frets, original hardware, and original brown case.

This beautiful example of a custom color P-Bass has a pencil neck date of “4-61,” and a body pencil date of “4-1-61.” Both CTS pot codes display a production date of late-1960 (137 6047) and both retain original un-touched solder joints. The original pickup measures 11.27 ohms DC resistance, when tested from the output jack.

 The bass weighs 9 pounds and 2 ounces.

The bass plays, sounds, and looks amazing. The neck is perfectly straight, and the truss rod works as it should. The bass was recently setup with Pyramid Gold flatwound strings, which sound absolutely fantastic. It produces an extremely rich, warm, and thumpy tone, unparalleled by Relics and Reissues. The neck profile is one of the most comfortable of any instrument, as the early cap board era is famous for amazing feeling necks. With an easy and manageable depth and shape, this neck fits perfectly in your hand and enables effortless and enjoyable playability.

The original nitrocellulose finish on the back of the neck is nicely worn in areas from usual playing, and feels great. The original frets do not exhibit much wear, and the clay dot inlays are nicely intact, and have become an attractive dark beige color. The original nut is also perfectly intact. The original spaghetti-logo decal is in very excellent condition. The body finish is in nice shape, and it exhibits considerable weather-checking both on the top and back. Where there is visible playing wear and dings, the gold metallic undercoat is visible. Such undercoat is particularly evident in the neck pocket, where when removed at some point, the neck adhered to some of the paint in the neck pocket, revealing the finish underneath the red. The original pickup cushion mounts have melted, which is fairly common, becoming unstable and leaving a sticky residue. The original pads are included in the auction, in addition to, fresh mounts recently added to keep the pickups level. The pickguard is not cracked nor broken, and still fits nicely on the bass, although typical shrinkage has taken place.

The original brown case has “Spinners” written on the bottom edge of the case. And while James Jameson famously played on many Spinners hits, we highly doubt that this bass belonged to the original Spinners band or Jameson.

This is a very nice vintage bass, and it represents a very nice package. It includes all of the original parts, original brown case, and the original chrome covers.