1961 Fender Deluxe

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Deluxe Amp 6G3 guitar amplifier. This “Fender Elect. Inst. Co.” Brown-face example is in all original mint condition and includes the original Victoria canvas protective cover and the original brown footswitch! This Reverb-less Deluxe was made prior to the model being offered with the effect, and just post the Tweed aesthetic, however, both this 6G3 and it’s 4-input predecessor share the very desirable Jensen AlNiCo P12R, as opposed to other ’61-’63 Deluxes with the more common Oxford. This pre-CBS Fender Deluxe is the epitome of a great practice/recording amp: simple, small and sweet, the harmonic saturation and punctuated presence is highly unique.

Serial Number: D 00668
Tube Chart Stamp: KJ (October 1961)
Speaker Code: 220022 (Jensen, ’60)
Transformer Codes: 606117, 606121

The 6G3 ’61 Fender Deluxe utilizes: (1) GZ34, (2) 6V6, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 7025 original tubes through an original 1 x 12″ Jensen P12R speaker.

As briefly mentioned, this amp is great for in-home practice, recording and light rehearsals. It is definitely loud and efficient with surprisingly prominent head-room, but it is low wattage enough to enjoy at high volume levels. The vibrato is fantastic and seems to be more dynamic than your typical Fender amp with vibrato: as the sine wave is more pronounced than usual which creates a very bold and striking effect.

Other than a few replaced caps and the power chord (all of which are included), the amp is in pristine all original condition with no flaws whatsoever. The brown tolex and “no-logo” grille are in mint condition. Even the brown face plate only exhibits a couple small hair-like superifical scratches that can only be seen through a macro lens of a camera.