1961 Fender Concert

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Concert -Amp (6G12-A). This particular example, serial number 52466, is in nice original cosmetic condition. This brown Fender Concert features the earlier “Ox Blood” grille cloth. Producing perfect clean, robust tone with immense headroom, it would be quite an obvious choice for pedal steel, country twang, sweet surf and subtle R&B riffs. Perfect for a player or a beginning collector, this amp has had several modifications made which renders it a fantastic bargain and a potentially profitable restoration project!

This first variety brown tolex Concert (6G12-A) features; rough brown tolex, dark red “Ox Blood” grille cloth, (4) non-original 10″ Eminence speakers, flat “Fender” logo, a dark brown control panel with brown knobs, a reissue “dog bone” handle, (2) 5881 power tubes, (2) 12AX7 and (4) 7025 tubes.

This amp sounds absolutely fantastic. The solid state rectifier produces a very clean and articulated tone which is highly complemented by the natural sweetened overdrive of the 5881 power tubes. The amp is perfect for that rich “Brownface” clean tone, which is very specific to these early Brown Fenders. The amp comes alive when the volume is set around “7,” and it actually produces a rather great distortion when pushed beyond there. The Vibrato sounds amazing; and is of course one of the best sounding there is.

Serial Number: 52466
Transformer Codes: 606126, 606133, 125A9A

The rough brown tolex is appears original, aside from that which covers the lower back panel. At one point, a modern rubber Fender handle was installed, so there are (2) non-original holes where the screws went through the top. The amp was completely serviced, which included the majority of original caps being restored by newer ones. The original gray 2-prong power cable is still intact, and has not been replaced.