1961 Fender Bassman -Amp

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Bassman Amp. This first generation Bassman piggyback features the amazingly attractive combination of rough Blonde tolex, dark “Ox Blood” grill cloth, flat logos, and a brown control panel with white knobs. Manufactured during a short-lived limited production until it was replaced with the 6G6-A Bassman, this rare version features a GZ34 tube rectifier tube, which was replaced with a solid state rectifier when the 6G6-A was introduced the following year in 1962. This particular example, serial number BP00367, includes the original amplifier head and matching amplifier cabinet.

Serial Number: BP00367
Tube Chart Date Stamp: KF
Transformer Codes: 606113, 606117, 606120

As can be seen in the 134 photos in the flash gallery to the left, this Bassman is in 100% ALL ORIGINAL cosmetic condition, and it is in considerably excellent shape. The amplifier head is in very excellent condition. The rough blonde tolex is very intact with no rips, tears, or modifications. There is normal discoloration in areas from knots in the cabinet. The grill cloth is in near perfect shape with no fraying, no tears, no rips, no nothing. All of the hardware is original and in very nice shape. The original brown face panel is nice with expected, albeit minimal, signs of use.

The amp is also surprisingly original with respect to the circuitry. All transformers are original, and most of the original Astron capacitors are still intact. The majority of the electrolytic have been replaced, which is inevitable, and the power cable has been updated with a modern 3-prong version. It even has the original metal protective plate that mounts within the amplifier head. Usually, they are removed to better stack the head on the cabinet, and while the same has been done with this amp, the original plate is included.

The matching speaker cabinet is in corresponding excellent shape. While the grill cloth is a little dirty, there are no rips, no holes, and no tears. There a couple of very small scuffs, but the grill is surprisingly intact and very attractive. The speakers have been replaced with late-1964 Fender Bassman speakers, which are an oddly matched Utah and Oxford. While they are not original, they are near era-appropriate vintage replacements. Otherwise, nothing in the amp has been replaced.

This amp works perfectly and sounds amazing. With seemingly higher output than it’s successors, the 6G6 Bassman is much cleaner, and more intricate than later versions. This example works perfectly, and sounds incredible for pristine and beautifully clear guitar at both low and high volumes. The amp comes with non-original professional covers, which fit perfectly and look as if they could have been made for the amp originally.