1961 Fender Bassman -Amp

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Bassman -Amp electric guitar amplifier. This very early “6G6″ model, serial number BP00497, is in very excellent all original condition and, as mentioned in the auction subtitle, features the incredibly rare single 12” tone ring cabinet, in addition to, the original cable, and vinyl covers! The first variety Blonde piggyback amps, including the Tremolux, the Bandmaster, and the Showman, famously featured tone ring cabinets. Produced in extremely limited quantities before being substituted by solid-state rectified amp heads with dual-speaker cabinets, this early 6G6 Bassman is beyond rare, in beautifully preserved condition, and is an amazing sounding specimen. Intended for bass, but best for guitar, this amp will surely excite collectors and players alike. Buy a great collectible vintage Bassman for the price of a used boutique amp!

Serial Number: BP00497
Speaker Code: 465-118 (Oxford)
Transformer Codes: 606113, 606-123, 606125,
Piggyback Leg Stamp: M00713

This version of the Fender Bassman, with the 6G6 schematic, utilizes: (1) 5AR4, (2) 5881 and (4) 7025 all original tubes through the original 1 x 12″ Oxford speaker. All of the electrical components are original: the transformers, the capacitors (including the electrolytics), all tubes, the resistors, the gray power cable, and the speaker. The original rough blonde tolex and Ox blood grill cloth are in beautifully intact original condition, as is, the corresponding hardware. The flat logo aesthetics with white cupcake knobs and a brown control panel look incredibly attractive.

Purchased from a long-time owner, this amp remains in 100% all original condition aside from the mid-60s replacement speaker cabinet handle. When the original early-60’s dog bone handle broke, an all-too-common event, two vinyl covers were purchased to help protect the easily soiled rough-textured white exterior. Aside from the replacement handle, nothing else has been modified or replaced.