1961 Fender Tremolux

This is a vintage 1961 Fender Tremolux -Amp electric guitar amplifier. Complete with both matching original Victoria canvas covers, the original speaker cable and the original footswitch, this very early “6G9″ schematic model, serial number 00269, is in impeccably well-preserved 100% all original condition and, as mentioned in the auction subtitle, features the incredibly rare dual 6BQ5 (EL84) power tube configuration. With a total production estimated around 200, this incredibly rare version also features a 12″ tone ring to secure the 10″ speaker within the cabinet cabinet. In addition to being the rarest most desirable variant in addition to, the original cable, and vinyl covers! The first variety Blonde piggyback amps, including the Tremolux, the Bandmaster, and the Showman, famously featured tone ring cabinets. Produced in extremely limited quantities before being substituted by solid-state rectified amp heads with dual-speaker cabinets, this early 6G9 Bassman is beyond rare, in beautifully preserved condition, and is an amazing sounding specimen. Intended for bass, but best for guitar, this amp will surely excite collectors and players alike.

Serial Number: 00269
Tube Chart Date Stamp: KE (May ’61)
Speaker Code: 465-1xx (Oxford 10L6N-1)
Transformer Codes: 606116, 606107, 606-117
Cabinet Serial Number: L21231

This version of the ’61 Fender Tremolux, with the 6G9 schematic, utilizes: (1) GZ34, (2) EL84 (6BQ5), (3) 7025, and (1) 12AX7, all of which are original Amperex “Bugle Boy” logo tubes, RCAs, and a Mullard. Every single component is original: all transformers, all capacitors (including the electrolytics), all tubes, the resistors, the gray power cable, and the speaker.

The original rough blonde tolex and Ox blood grille cloth are in beautifully intact, near pristine, original condition, as is, the corresponding hardware. With no evidence of knot sap staining through the rolex, nor evidence of cigarette burns and such, this example resembles that of a reissue more than the vintage original it is. Even the original typewriter-written and mimeograph-copied tube chart is in perfectly intact all original condition, which is rare beyond measure, and may perhaps be the only perfectly preserved example in existence. In general, the flat logo era aesthetics with white cupcake knobs and a brown control panel look incredibly attractive, however, this timecapsule-esque example is beyond stunning. Even the original brown canvas Victoria covers with dark brown piping are super clean with original creases.

The amp was slowly powered-on using a Variac which was finally set at 100v for over 30 minutes. It works perfectly and sounds fantastic. It is the only pre-CBS Fender amp made to feature what is normally considered a British-style power tube, which makes it incredibly unique with a very specific tone. Perhaps most like a Marshall 18-watt mini-Bluesbreaker in approach and consequent configuration, this amp delivers beautifully rich warm overdrive with highly musical compression, however, it also manages to achieve an intricate and balanced presence. Not only is this amp incredibly rare, it also happened to be pretty amazing sounding.