1961 Altec 250 SU

This is a vintage 1961 Altec 250 SU recording console. This 10 input valve console, serial #155, has been serviced to perfection and is completely conducive for modern studio applications. In fact, the custom-made patch bay enables easy and direct use with both ProTools, or any other digital recording method for that matter, and traditional tape-recording devices. Recently removed from a top-of-the-line recording studio, this console was actually being used as a daily board, and is absolutely amazing sounding. With nearly $20,000.00 originally invested in modifications, restoration and maintenance, this board is an incedible bargain at $15,999.00! Don’t miss out on this incredibly historic piece of recording equipment, as another in this condition in ready-to-go condition might not become available again!

Used by engineer John Fry, who famously recorded Big Star, this console utilizes: (13) of Altec’s famous 458A tube mic pre and (2) 459A program amplifiers, and a 535A Normal Power Supply.

On every potentiometer there is a factory switch that busses to the left, right, or center. A mod was devised that bypasses this, and allows each mic-pre to be used individually. (2) Western Electric transformers were installed on the mian inputs to enhance the sound quality. All of the tubes are original, and caps and resistors were replaced only when necessary. The additional side panel is stock, and was used as a back up power supply for radio broadcast.