1960s Vox Beatle V1143

Here is a vintage late-1960s VOX Beatle V1143 electric guitar head and matching Beatle V4141 cabinet. This particular set is in very nice all original condition, and includes the original corresponding trolley.

Head Serial Number: I430364
Cabinet Serial Number: I471161

The V1143 Beatle succeeded the nearly identical famous Super Beatle head, and it is just as good as its predecessor in every way. This amp produces 120 watts through the original 4 x 12″ Celestion “Silver Bell” (003 codes) 20w AlNiCo speakers and (2) Goodmans Midax horns.

The original tolex is in near excellent condition with little evidence of wear. The original grill cloth is also very good, though the cabinet grille cloth suffered to very small tears in the bottom right corner. The control panel is crisp and clean and void of typical wear or oxidation. The original back panel is missing and is not included.

The amp is in good working condition, but was improperly tested with a makeshift speaker cable, which only produced half the expected volume. (The same cable did this with other fully functional amps when used as well.) The original Silver Bell speakers sound amazing and do not exhibit voice-coil distortion nor speaker fatigue. The original cones are in pristine condition, though one sticker is missing from the top right speaker bell. The original speaker cable is NOT included, and it does not include the original footswitch.