1960s Overman Pod Lounge Chair

Here is a vintage 1960s Overman pod lounge chair with matching original ottoman. With a pronounced pod appearance and super stylish overly-stuffed shape, this particular variant is actually quite rare. Approaching a Colombo-inspired cushion pattern, this pod chair is certainly amongst the most comfy. This example is in well-preserved cosmetic condition: the structural integrity of the cushions and outer vinyl is perfect with no need for re-upholstery or restoration. Super stylish and choice for optimal lounging, this is a great alternative to a $5,000+ Eames lounge.

Dimensions: 38″ tall x 31″ wide x 34″ deep

There is no label present on either piece, however, it has ll of the manufacturing earmarks of Overman. Though difficult to find online, I have seen other identical examples sporting the label.