1960s Orpheum Fuzz

Here is a vintage mid-1960s Orpheum Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example, serial/batch number 22, is in extremely excellent all original condition. With a riveted clear plexi panel over a bent chrome control plate and a simple schematic with pair of silicon transistors, this classic fuzz box is commonly compared to a Mosrite Fuzzrite due to its retro gritty buzz. Also branded for distribution by Clark, Manny’s, MGI, and Gracin’s, this pedal appears in both 2 and 3 knob configurations, with the 3-knob version featuring a “Sustainer” control, in addition to the 2-knob’s “Volume” and “Tone.”

This example works perfectly and is in extremely fine cosmetic condition, with no notable flaws. While some vintage fuzz pedals achieve astronomical prices, this represents a great opportunity to own a very early (circa ’66) fuzz pedal for the price of a vintage reissue.