1960s Lyric 660

This is a rare Lyric 660 electric guitar amplifier with the original Victoria cover. Branded as a Lyric, though known as a Magnatone 262 when not labeled otherwise, this rare variant was in production for approximately a single year. This particular example is in very excellent original condition, though it appears the speakers were replaced shortly after purchase in 1965… Original Oxfords aren’t an impossible find if one would choose to restore this to 100% condition, but it sounds particularly great as it is, so I’d recommend keeping the non-original Jensens.

When the 400 series was designed, reverb was added to the 260A circuit and given the model designation of 460. However, the 260A also continued as a non-reverb amp with the designation of 262. A 6EU7 preamp tube was used instead of the 260A’s 12AX7. The cabinet was updated to the style used in the 400 series. These 262’s were built in 1962, and maybe through the first half of 1963. They did not appear in the 1961 catalog, and might have been brought back because a non-reverb 460 model was requested by dealers or by one of the major OEM’s, like Imperial or Deffner.

Years 1957-1962 Series Custom 200 Series Channels two No. Tubes 8 Power 2x 5881 Power Bias cathode bias Preamp 2x 12AX7 Vibrato 2x6CG7, (1/2) 12AX7 Phase Inverter (1/2) 12AX7 Speaker 2x Oxford 12″ 12K5R-1 Rectifier 5U4GB Output 35 watts peak Weight 46 lbs. List Price $300 (1962 262)