1960s KLH Nine M9 Speakers

Here is a vintage matched pair of 1960s KLH Nine “M9” electrostatic loudspeakers. This matched pair features the serial number 001260, designated on each individual speaker cabinet. Both are in excellent condition, and include the original plastic wrapping! The KLH Nines have been considered strong contenders for the “Best Available Loudspeaker System, Regardless of Cost.”

Personally, these speakers epitomize the Greek philosophy of embracing equal parts form and function: with a sleek 3″ profile and the styling of the inferior Magnepan, combined with the incredible KLH quality and an abundance of awesome electrostatic speakers, I find these speakers to be the coolest retro speaker that is both uninvasive (low impact) with regards to interior real estate, but even better, a visually stimulating enhancement.

Removed from a garage of a mid-century home in San Diego, both speakers were actually within the plastic packaging and the boxes, however, the previous owner disposed of the original cardboard due to a minimal odor. These speakers themselves do not smell at all, and it’s a shame the original boxes were tossed.

The original power supplies were misplaced at an estate sale, so they are not included, however, the speakers were tested prior and were noted to work perfectly.