1960s KAPA Challenger

Here is a vintage 1960s KAPA Challenger electric guitar. This particular example is in very nice original condition. Though very similar to concurrent Magnatone, Bartel, Barth, and St. George guitars, the Kapa brand was actually an operation based out of Maryland, as opposed to Southern California like its coincidentally similar counterparts. With a somewhat crude build quality, cool components, and a generally nice vibe, in that respect, the guitars are actually quite similar to the aforementioned group of makes. This is a really cool, lesser-known, piece of American guitar history, and would be deserving of the same universal recognition that Harmony, Silvertone, Kay, and Magnatone receive, had Kapa achieved production in similar quantities.

This ’60s KAPA Challenger features: a Maple body with the original Candy Apple Red finish, a Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard, (2) Hofner 511 humbucking pickups, KAPA vibrato tailpiece and adjustable bridge, and open-back tuning machines. No case.

Aside from missing the tremolo arm socket and corresponding trem arm, this guitar is 100% all original. It appears that the original waterslide decal had disintegrated. And that there was a similar logo by the knobs on the body. They have been absent so long, that there is no indication of fading or discoloration where they had been. There is some very light sanding/scratching on the surface of the top of the body, but not significant enough to be able to photograph, let alone see from most distances. The metallic red finish is otherwise very intact and clean. The neck profile feels great, and the Hofner staple pickups sound exceptional, and highly complement the general approach of the guitar’s design and construction.