1960s Hofner Western 489

This is a vintage 1960s Höfner Western 489 flat top acoustic guitar. With a beautiful slope-souldered dreadnought body shape, an attractive dark Cherry sunburst finish, a tune-o-matic influenced metal bridge with adjustable nylon saddles, mahogany back and sides, and a spruce top, it is quite clear that Hofner interpreted the Gibson J-45 quite literally when producing their standard 6-string acoustic guitar. While this example exhibits typical and expected playing wear, it is in 100% all original condition, and void of structural issues and modifications. With no cracks, no breaks, and no repairs, this Höfner represents an excellent vintage budget acoustic, fit for both collectors and players alike.

Built to the standards of highly skilled luthiers, this Höfner is over-built and well-made. While it is a little dense, with less breathe than a Gibson or Martin, it certainly has a very likable personality. Perfect for loud strumming, the X-braced guitar does not waver nor fatigue under intense strumming and loud volumes.

The neck profile feels great, and the guitar is a sheer joy to play. The top is very flat, and the bridge is perfectly affixed as well. The neck angle has lessened from years of high tension, and while it’s still playable. I would highly suggest a modest neck rest to really enhance this cool guitar.