1960s Gibson TB-250 Mastertone Plectrum (Owned by Les Paul)

This is a vintage 1960s Gibson TB-250 Mastertone (Plectrum) tenor banjo owned by Les Paul. This particular example, serial number 5-5708-45, is in excellent all original condition, and was recently from the Les Paul estate auction earlier this year. It was one of only three electrified banjos sold at auction, and was the only electric Mastertone banjo he owned. The home-made electronics were clearly installed by Les Paul, and both his hand-written notes on the exterior of the case and the vintage airline claim tags suggest it was actually used during several live performances. Owning a piece of Les Paul memorabilia is really something special, but owning an instrument that he owned, played, enjoyed, and even modified to his personal specifications is really something else, and is on an entirely different level of collectibility. Guitars he owned sold quite well, and far exceeded all auction estimates, however, guitars he personally played, modified, and experimented with sold for absolutely astronomical prices.