1960s Elk Custom – Amp 30

This is a vintage 1960’s Elk Custom – Amp 30 electric guitar amplifier. As was the case with many ’60s MIJ instruments, this 2×12″ piggyback model was heavily influenced/inspired by a popular American-made counterparts, those being the Blackface Fender amps of the era. This particular example is in unused (NOS) 100% all original condition and includes the mint vinyl covers, original chrome dual-function footswitch and the original speaker cable.

While the aesthetic detailing is more reminiscent of mid-’60s Fender amps, the power and preamp section utilize European version tube models, including; (2) 7189 (EL84/6BQ5) power tubes, (1) 6CA4 (EZ81) rectifier tube, and (4) 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tubes. The cabinet sports a matched pair of 10″ Echo speakers.

Though the amp has been designated as a “30,” the duet of EL84 power tubes would produce a more likely 18-watt output. The schematic and general tube configuration is most like an AC15, Marshall 1974 Baby Bluesbreaker, or an EL84 Blonde Tremolux.