1960 Supro 1623CT Holiday

This is a vintage 1960 Supro 1623CT “Holiday” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example is in very nice all original condition and includes the original footswitch.

Transformer Codes: 166002
Speaker Code: 285009 (Rola)

This Holiday amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3 rectifier tube, (2) 6973 power tubes, and (3) 12AX7 tubes through a (2) 6 x 11″ Rola elliptical speakers.

While the tolex and thick white stripe are in quite impressive condition, the grill cloth and face plate have seen some years of use. The cloth from the grill has mostly deteriorated, but the original logo is still somewhat intact. The faceplate has inevitably oxidized, as is common with most of Supro’s gold face plates.

Of course the amp sounds incredible. That is pretty much a given with any late ’50s Supro amp. It produces fantastic overdriven crunch which seems to compliment any guitar. This particular amp sounds great with both a Tele and a Les Paul. The tremolo works perfectly and sounds amazing, and the original speakers (with original cones) are in perfect structural condition and do not exhibit fatigue.