1960 Oahu 260K Sunshine

Here is a vintage 1960 Oahu No. 260K “Sunshine” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number T49641, is in near mint all original condition and includes the original transparent cover. Originally intended to complement the Sunshine (Lap) Steel guitar to form a matching set, this rare amp has since become better appropriated for electric Spanish guitar purposes. Highly reminiscent of a Tweed Fender Princeton with regard to sonic performance, this small ensemble produces a surprisingly large sound. This model is one of Valco’s (amp manufacturer for Supro, Gretsch, National, Airline, Danelectro, Harmony, Kay) best kept secrets, and finding such a pristine example is truly a significant score. Take advantage of this very reasonable offer, and enjoy Free Worldwide shipping!

Serial Number: T49641
Transformer Codes: 166028, 166027
Speaker Code: 220032 (Jensen)

This ’60 Oahu Sunshine amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (1) 6V6, and (1) 12AX7 original tubes through an original 1 x 8″ Jensen speaker.

The amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. It is 100% all original; from every internal electronic component to the Jensen’s original speaker cone. The amp sounds as good as it looks, and probably sounds so good because it remains so remarkably well-preserved. It is efficient, full-range, loud for its size, and surprisingly versatile. Turn it all the way up for classic Tweed tone or roll back your guitar’s volume for near perfect record-worthy rhythm. Great for studios and sofa situations alike, this masterfully crafted amp will sound super great in any space, and it will also clearly enhance the aesthetic ornamentation of any environment!

Late-50’s Tweed Champs have sold for upward of $3,000.00, so do yourself a favor and buy twice the amp for half the price!