1960 Gibson Melody Maker

This is a vintage, 100% All Original, 1960 Gibson Melody Maker electric guitar. This particular full-size example, serial number 09860, is in near mint 100% original vintage cosmetic condition and includes; the original Gibson hang tag, the original leather strap, the original cable, a capo, vintage Gibson pics and the original soft shell case! Recently purchased from the original owner’s family, this single-cutaway/double-pickup version is the rarest, and perhaps best, variety of all the possible Melody Maker configurations.

Serial Number: 0 9860
Pot Codes: 1346023
Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz.
Pickup Resistance: Neck = 6.62Ω/Bridge = 6.62Ω

This ’60 Melody Maker features: (2) single-coil pickups, a 24 3/4 scale length (full size), slab Mahogany body, 3-tone nitrocellulose Sunburst finish, light-weight wrap-around bridge, large ’59-style profile mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, factory large frets, and gold-insert reflector knobs.

As previously mentioned, this guitar is in extremely excellent 100% all original condition and includes tons of original case candy. Additionally, this very fine example sounds and feels as good as it looks.

This guitar has a perfectly straight neck, and the frets display absolutely no playing wear. The only notable neck wear is that on the bass side edge (where binding would appear) caused by the included capo. There is one ding on the top accompanied by a noticeable scratch near the controls, but the body is otherwise pristine. The only wear on the guitar appears to be caused by miscellaneous items floating in the case.

Both pickups are perfectly matched and were measured indicating an identical amount of resistance. The guitar sounds surprisingly great, and is highly enjoyable and quite usable. Perfect for both vintage guitar collectors, vintage players and modern enthusiasts, this is the one to buy.

…Remember, this guitar was made by the same craftsmen who sculpted those very special ’60 Les Paul Standards, and while it is not nearly as exquisite, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Since the Melody Maker was considered a budget guitar, it is actually moderately rare that early single-cut examples featured two pickups rather than one, as it cost slightly more than it’s inferior single pickup counterpart. This first generation Melody Maker (made between 1958-1961) was the closest with regard to resembling a Les Paul, as the design quickly adopted a double-cutaway design, which it retained until it was discontinued some years later.