1960 Fender Vibrolux -Amp

This is a 100% ALL ORIGINAL vintage 1960 Fender Vibrolux guitar amplifier. This tweed Vibrolux, serial number F03716, is in excellent condition and includes the original footswitch. This completely original example even retains ALL of the original tubes, original gray power cable and original capacitors. This is the amp for the collectors, tone mongers and the player-investor types. This amp was recently purchased from the original owner along with an all original ’58 Jazzmaster.

Serial Number: F03716
Transformer Codes: 6 6079-B, 606020
Pot Codes: 137 6010
Tube Chart Stamp: JH (August 1960)
Speaker Code: 220014 (April 1960)

The ’60 Fender Vibrolux utilizes;
(1) 5Y3, (2) 6V6, and (2) 12AX7 tubes through 1 x 10″ Jensen P10R Special Design speaker. All of the Astron caps are original, as are all of the transformers.

This amp is in excellent cosmetic condition, and while it does exhibit some evidence of moisture on one side and on part of the bottom, the general condition is very clean. The tweed exterior does not display usual distress and the original grill cloth is in perfect structural shape without rips, tears or fraying. The chrome control panel is crisp and clean without usual oxidation and rust. This is a very nice original specimen.

This amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic. The tweed Vibrolux is often overlooked as the Deluxe, Bassman, Bandmaster, Champ and Twin are much more popular, and while it doesn’t share the favored acclaim of the tweed Deluxe, it is in some ways just as good, if not better, for certain applications.

Since this amp works perfectly, it is very efficient, strong and fertile. It is loud, pronounced and aggressive. It produces signature tweed gain without imploding and over-compressing like many tweeds: this is partically due to the Jensen 10″ speaker. The original speaker retains the original cone which is just as tight and responsive as it was 40 years ago.

Yes, all Fender tweed amps can be great, but over the course of the last 50 years electronics expire, transformers fatigue, speakers blow and other parts can break. When repaired with newer and replacement parts, these amps assume a completely new nature for the better or worse. Obviously, some repairs are necessary, but finding a 100% ALL ORIGINAL amp that works perfectly and sounds this great is becoming very difficult.