1960 Fender Super

This is a vintage 1960 Fender Super -Amp “5G4″ electric guitar amplifier. This particular center-volume example, with the amazing serial number 00123, is in very good original condition and includes the original footswitch and a non-original cover. This very early “pinkish” brown tolex variety with tweed-era grille cloth features; the rare “Pulse” jack (factory plugged), no external speaker output jack and five preamp tubes. With Triad transformers and blue AlNiCo Jensen P10Qs, this center volume Super is one of the earliest brown-era Fender amps ever made, as it is a fine representation of the transition between leftover Tweed components and the successive brown-era approach.

Serial Number: 00123 (1… 2… 3…)
Transformer Codes: 8087, 45216, 14684 (Triad)
Tube Chart Date: JB (February 1960)
Speaker Date Code: 220103 (Jensen P10Qs)

It is clear that while this amp has been inevitably serviced and carefully maintained, the cosmetic condition and overall integrity is very well preserved. The original Tweed-era grille cloth is perfectly intact with no rips, tears, fraying, etc., and aside from the visible knot sap shadows through the rough brownish-pink tolex, the cabinet is quite nice as well. It is possible that the speakers are era appropriate replacements, but they are the correct types. Additionally, the original dog bone hard plastic handle was replaced. At some point, it appears the amp was nearly completely overhauled, which included the replacement of most capacitors and an entire new set of vacuum tubes. The original gray 2-prong power cable was replaced with a modern grounded 3-prong version, with the original being included. All transformers are original and functional.

The amp sounds fantastic. It features a very crisp, yet warm, pronounced clean signal with significant headroom. The speakers have original cones, both of which sound and perform great. With intense vibrato and transparency, this is a truly great amplifier. With some minimal work, this amp can be restored to be mostly original, so don’t miss out. Definitely playable as-is, and certainly still in beautiful collector’s condition, this is a really rare opportunity to buy an incredible piece of Fender amp history.