1960 Fender Stratocaster

This is a vintage 1960 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This incredibly rare 100% all original example, serial number 54556, features an incredibly attractive translucent Blonde finish over an exotic Ash body. Yes, this is arguably the rarest Slab Board Custom Color Strat configuration, as most other colors were typically applied to regular Alder bodies. This un-circulated, original owner, instrument is; filthy, faded, played, and worn to a degree that is both enthralling and clearly storied. Not only is this an amazing guitar, but it was used in amazing ways, and the level and type of wear attest to such. I have not adjusted a single part on this guitar, nor have I considered cleaning it. All of the dirt, sweat, grime, specks of soda, and cigarette smoke discoloration, will be on the guitar when you get it. I have not seen a similar guitar made available for sale online, so take advantage of this potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy one of the coolest guitars of all time.

Serial Number: 54556
Neck Date: 11-60
Pot Codes: 304-6043
Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz.
Pickup Resistance: 5.53Ω (neck), 6.12Ω (middle), 5.36Ω (bridge)

This guitar is an absolutely 100% all original example. It was never broken, repaired, nor modified. All of the original solder joints are intact and remain un-touched since assembly. Nothing has been changed, removed, restored, etc., and all of the original accessory parts (tremolo arm, bridge cover, and case) are included.

As can be seen, it was played, used, and possibly abused, all of which contribute to it being thoroughly gorgeous in its own spectacular way. No, it’s not mint, in fact, it’s not even in good condition. The pickguard tip is chipped, the pickguard is cracked through the bass side of the neck pickup, the “Stratocaster” portion of the decal has disappeared from the intact decal, the plastic tremolo arm tip is broken in half, a piece of the fingerboard has split, and there is a small dark mark where the string tree poked through the back of the headstock.

How rare is this guitar?

– As briefly discussed above, this guitar is particularly rare due to the unique combination of several uncommon features.

Firstly, early Slab Board Strats are rare to begin with, as they were only produced for a brief 3-year period.

Secondly, a Custom Color of any variant would be a very rare sight on an early Slab Board Stratocaster. And though they do exist, the color palette was somewhat limited. Earlier maple neck Strats were almost never finished in a Custom Color, so the early 60’s is really the first period where it became slightly more accessible, while still being much more scarce than those produced just several years later.

Thirdly, due to the finish choice, this body was cut from a single piece of Ash, just as Blonde Telecasters are.

It can be determined that such evidence indicates that this is one of the rarest Strats ever made. Sure a red 50’s Strat with an anodized pickguard, like the one Pee Wee Crayton played, occupies the utmost echelon of rare, but guitars like that were totally custom ordered, produced among a very small handful, and are impossible to find today, let alone buy.

Jump on this rare opportunity to buy one of the coolest and rarest Fender guitars ever made, before you wish you had.

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