1960 Fender Harvard

This is a vintage 1960 Fender Harvard 5F10 electric guitar amplifier. This particular road worn all original example, serial number H03233, sounds absolutely incredible. Responsible for the unmistakable tone heard on both Green Onions and Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Steve Cropper simply plugged his Telecaster into this great amp to achieve a classic imprint upon several of the most iconic American hits of the ’60s. Not to be confused with the single-ended Princeton (6G10) that existed shortly thereafter the 5F10, this incarnation of the Fender Harvard features a duet of 6V6 power tubes, as opposed to simply a single 6V6. Unlike the similarly-sized Fender Princeton, this amp is robust, loud, and aggressive with a focused overdrive that will make a player reconsider using a narrow panel Deluxe.

Serial Number: H 03233
Tube Chart Date Stamp: JE (May ’60)
Transformer Codes: 66079-B, 606007
Speaker Code: 220 950 (Jensen P10R)

The 5F10 Harvard is a 10-watt fixed-bias amp that features; (2) 6V6 power tubes (original Sylvanias), a 6AT6 preamp tube (original Sylvania), a 5Y3GT rectifier tube (original RCA + non-original ), a 12AX7 phase inverter (GE), and a blue-frame Jensen P10R speaker.

As already mentioned, this is a great little amp. This example has an original Jensen P10R with the original cone. It’s highly efficient and sounds absolutely wonderful with both single-coil guitars and humbucking pickups.

Worn, stained, played… this golden era Fender Tweed looks like it came from an attic because it did! After which, it was serviced, and several original parts were replaced, though the originals are pictured and included. The Tweed material on the bottom is completely missing, and it appears there were luggage brackets mounted toward the bottom as to fasten this amp on top of an auxiliary speaker cabinet.