1959 Vox AC10

For sale is this vintage 1959 Vox AC10 electric guitar amplifier. This very rare, first variety, example (serial number 3247) is in surprisingly well-preserved all original condition and features the extremely attractive combination of; Fawn tolex, brown diamond grill cloth, and the black plexi control panel with brown/gold bakelite knobs! Early enough to sport the “Jennings” metal plaque, this exceedingly rare combo still features both the “V-O-X” and “TEN” plastic logos. This fine example is about as intact as they come, with completely original hardware, and even the (4) original matching cabinet feet. While VOX collectors and vintage amp enthusiasts will certainly be in awe of this specatacularly rare specimen’s cosmetic condition, they would be equally impressed by the incredible tone it produces!

This ’59 Vox AC10 utilizes: (1) original Mullard EZ81, (2) ARS EL84, (1) original Brimar ECC82, (1) original Mullard ECF82, and (1) original EF86 tubes through the original 1 x 10″ ELAC, with the speaker code A116058.

As mentioned, this completely intact example is 100% all original with no modifications, no repairs, and no issues. It still has the original saucer JMI footswitch, and everything works perfectly. Aside from one capacitor and a couple of tubes, this amp is otherwise just as original as the day it was made.

It sounds fantastic, and would be an incredible studio secret. The speaker still retains the original cone, which is in very excellent original condition. It is not fatigued, nor is there evidence of voice-coil distortion. A rather compact amp, yet with enormous tone, the British gain is unmistakably Vox.

Sale Price: Sold