1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a vintage 100% all original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar. The Les Paul Jr. has arguably become the most revered “student” or “budget” model guitar ever produced. The simple features that made the Jr. affordable back then are the exact same that make it so great today. With a single P-90 pickup and an all mahogany slab body/neck construction, the no frills Les Paul Jr. produces simply great tone… not to mention the fact that most other 1950′s guitars that don the “Les Paul…” silk screen are worth considerably more.

This 100% ALL ORIGINAL double-cutaway 1959 Jr. features; that large quintessential ’59 profile mahogany neck with a superb neck angle, a mahogany slab body, a beautiful hand-rubbed cherry red finish, a single dog-ear P-90 pickup, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays, Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, a faux tortoise material pickguard, original light-weight wrap-around tun-o-matic, black top-hat knobs, original pots with bumble-bee capacitor, original miscellaneous hardware, original faux alligator soft case and the original guitar strap.

This particular example in very excellent, well-preserved, 100% all original condition with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, and no modifications whatsoever. All of the original hardware is in excellent shape, and the original cherry red finish is very nice as well. As is sometimes seen, this guitar features a highly attractive hand-rubbed cherry red finish, as indicated by the lack of color in the pickup and control cavities. While most examples are typically manufactured with a sprayed finish, for whatever reason this particular one was treated with an incredibly rich hand-rubbed cherry finish that represents the absolute epitome of Gibson’s famous cherry red color. When the pickguard was removed for photos, it was evident that the guitar had not faded by a single shade, and that the coloring is just as vibrant today as the day it was made!

In addition to being in excellent shape, this guitar is and a-m-a-z-i-n-g player’s instrument. The original P-90 pickups is super efficient, with a thick, robust and warm tone. Expressive with a slight enveloping quality, the combination if this pickup with this guitar is pretty epic. The large neck profile vibrates with sustain when plugged in to a high-wattage amp and played loudly. The original medium-sized frets are completely intact, have tons of life left, and have not been dressed or milled.

’59 happened to be Gibson’s golden year during their famous electric guitar golden era, and it is truly represented quite well, even with this “student” model guitar. This is as good as a Jr. gets.

While the guitar is in considerably fine overall condition, there is significant case wear to the bottom underside of the back edge, which was the result of delicate non-playing wear from resting and shifting within the original soft case. There are also expected superfluous dings, dents and playing wear, but nothing very distracting or significant. The headstock exhibits corresponding storage wear with random dings and scratches, but the guitar is in otherwise highly attractive cosmetic condition.

As mentioned above, this guitar includes the original alligator soft case which is in average/poor condition, along with, the original strap, a vintage coil cable and a vintage string packet: all of which were found in the case when purchased. The guitar weighs a featherweight and light 7 lbs 5 oz.