1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar. The Les Paul Jr. has arguably become the most revered “student” or “budget” model guitar ever produced. The simple features that made the Jr. affordable back then are the exact same that make it so great today. With a single P-90 pickup and an all mahogany slab body/neck construction, the no frills Les Paul Jr. produces simply great tone; not to mention the fact that most other 1950’s guitars that don the ‘Les Paul’ silk screen are worth considerably more. This particular example displays an incredible amount of playing wear, in fact, the amount of isolated wear is so extreme in some places, that the heavy relic appearance of this ’59 Jr. gives it some of the best vibe of any vintage guitar, especially considering it is in all original condition with No breaks, No cracks, No repairs, and No modifications aside from a new input jack plate. For those searching for an incredible player’s Jr. with no issues, this has to be the ultimate guitar.

Serial Number: 9 7618
Pickup Resistance: 8.86Ω
Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz

This double-cutaway ’59 Gibson Les Paul Jr. features; that large quintessential ’59 profile mahogany neck with a superb neck angle, a mahogany slab body, a beautifully rich cherry red finish, a single dog-ear P-90 pickup, a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays, Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with original plastic buttons, a faux tortoise material pickguard, black bonnet knobs, and original pots with bumble-bee capacitor. The original output jack plate was cracked and replaced with a single-ply black version utilizing the same screw pattern.

With an absolutely perfect neck profile and large original frets, this guitar plays and feels fantastic. It has one of the hottest P-90 pickups you will ever hear. It’s acoustic resonance creates incredible sustain when plugged into an amp. It has some thumbnail wear above the pikguard which is through the finish only. Buckle rash is evidence on the back of the body, but overall this Les Paul Jr. has some serious mojo. Issue-free, this guitar displays no cracks, no breaks, and nor repairs. If the output jack were replaced with an original (less than a $100 part) this guitar would become 100% all original.