1959 Fender Deluxe -Amp

This is a vintage 1959 Fender “Deluxe” Amplifier. This 5E3 narrow panel example, serial number D08357, is in pristine 100% original condition, and is the nicest we’ve offered online. Considered one of the most iconic vintage guitar amplifiers ever made, the 4-input Tweed Deluxe is an incredible-sounding amp famous for producing Neil Young’s singing sustain and for showcasing Don Felder’s (Eagles) musical solos.

As mentioned, this example is in 100% all original condition. The Tweed exterior is in extremely excellent condition: there are no rips, no tears, no stains, no fraying, etc. There is some very discrete discoloration on the sides that is quite understated in comparison to most others.
This well-preserved example is very crisp, and the Tweed material is still amazingly intact and secure. The back panels are near perfect, and the grill cloth is in mint condition. The original leather handle exhibits very light wear, but is surprisingly fine as well. Even the bottom of the amp is super clean. The chassis is also pristine, with all original graphics displayed perfectly. The amp was quite obviously stored in a temperate and humidity-controlled environment, as there is zero oxidation visible on both the chassis and electronic components. The speaker frame retains all paint, and does not display dents, scratches, or markings from cables/footswitches/etc.

The amp works perfectly and sounds… AMAZING! The amp produces sweet syrupy overdrive with natural and musical compression. The original Jensen P12R is in remarkable shape, and the original cone is firm and efficient. All of the original caps are in excellent condition, and do not show visible or audible evidence of fatigue. The tubes are not original, but are matched 1950s (1953) NOS RCA replacements.