1959 Fender Telecaster Neck

This is a vintage 1959 Fender Telecaster electric guitar neck. This 100% all original neck features; an original “Spaghetti” logo waterslide decal, a beautiful slab Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays, original nitrocellulose lacquer clear finish, original medium profile frets, original nut and the original string tree. Having recently been removed from a late ’59 Fender Telecaster, it is standard that this particular variety does not have a neck pencil date. While this neck can certainly be appropriate for any ’59-’62 Tele, it is best suited for a ’59 to early-’60 Tele. This neck feels fantastic, with just the right amount of wear to make it quite comfortable. The frets have plenty of life remaining and the truss rod works properly.