1959 Fender Musicmaster

Here is a vintage 1959 Fender Musicmaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 40295, is in very excellent 100% all original condition and includes the original hard shell case! The Musicmaster’s 22.5″ scale length, along with it’s simple single-pickup configuration, were intended to meet the demands of the student demographic, and while the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic (it’s 2-pickup counterpart) certainly anticipated the needs of beginners, it has since become one of the most sought after petite players’ guitars. With an unbelievably cool aesthetic, and featuring Fender’s famous functionality, pre-CBS Fender 3/4-sized instruments are among the best ever made. The Musicmaster has evolved from a children’s electric guitar into an alternative studio sound, a perfect travel companion, and an introductory vintage guitar investment, though all the while it has remained a high-quality highly enjoyable instrument. To this day an incredible bargain, both Musicmasters and Duo-Sonics represent incredible value as their respective full-size counterparts fetch prices upward of $40,000.00.

This first-year slab board example features an attractive Desert Sand finish complemented by it’s rich Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. The cream-colored single-ply pickguard framing the dark brown pickup cover nicely ties all of the Earth-tones together, creating a really beautiful presentation and subtle sexiness. On any other instrument, the Desert Sand finish would be considered a Custom Color, and a highly rare one at that, but it just so happened to be standard on the first two generations of Fender’s 3/4 guitars.

This ’59 Fender Musicmaster is 100% all original, and features; single-line Kluson Deluxe tuning machines with plastic buttons, a Strat-inspired headstock profile, a Spaghetti logo decal, a slab board Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays, a maple neck, an Alder body with a darker Coffee-colored Desert Sand finish, a 12-screw pattern single-ply plastic pickguard, Tele barrel knobs, a fixed bridge with (3) Tele-style saddles, (1) single-coil flat pole-piece pickup, and an original Peach-colored hard case with orange interior.

This guitar plays exceedingly well and feels absolutely fantastic. A sheer joy to play while just noodling around, it’s no surprise why many new artists are starting to pick up 3/4 Fender guitars for both live and studio use. Seemingly featherweight and with minimal string tension, it’s an all-around blast. This no issues example does display the usual denim rivet worming on the back of the body, and two small areas whee that wear has worn through the finish to reveal the Alder wood beneath, however, it is in a strong 8.5/10 condition with no other serious wear.