1959 Fender “Mandocaster” Electric Mandolin

This is a vintage 1959 Fender “Mandocaster” Electric Mandolin. This particularly fine, near mint, 100% all original example, serial number 00903, features an incredibly rare Olympic White custom color finish with a matching headstock, and includes; the original Tweed case with yellow interior, the original Ash Tray bridge cover, the original black leather strap, the original gray instrument cable, an original Fender Electric Mandolin sheet from a dealer’s in-store catalog, and a related receipt from House of Music of Ventura for electric mandolin strings. Rarely seen in Blonde over Ash, in addition to the much more common Sunburst finish, Custom Color Electric Mandolins are veritably unheard of, and when combined with the ever-elusive, nearly mythical, matching headstock, it is probable that this is the only surviving example. It also just so happens to be in near impeccable condition, preserved in absolute premium shape. This early-’59 Fender Electric Mandolin is one of the last to feature a maple neck, as well as, the gold-anodized pickguard, while being one of the first, if not only, to have an Olympic White finish with an original corresponding Olympic White headstock. Recently re-introduced (reissued) as the Mando-Strat, the original Fender Electric Mandolin was in production for over 15 years, though throughout it’s lengthy duration it failed to achieve the seemingly universal acceptance of all other Fender models. Along with the Fender Electric Violin, the Fender Electric Mandolin was certainly one of Fender’s more obscure instruments, and despite it’s tenure, it was produced in very limited numbers. Obviously rare to begin with, there is enough evidence to suggest this could be amongst the rarest ever made.