1959 Fender Esquire Neck

This is a vintage 1959 Fender Esquire neck. This particular example was recently removed from a ’59 Esquire guitar, and it includes: the original nitrocellulose finish, the original decal, the original frets, the original truss rod, the original nut, the original tuning machine ferrules, and the original string tree. It has not been modified, repaired, nor changed in any fashion from its original state, and is an entirely original Esquire neck. With immense mojo and unmistakable vibe, this neck would perfectly restore your vintage Esquire, and would be an incredible neck for any and all partscasters. It is quite rare that such great examples become available independently, so be sure to take advantage of this very reasonable offer with Free Worldwide shipping, and use this neck as the final puzzle piece for your valuable vintage project!

As was typical in ’59, this early-’59 transitional maple neck does not feature a pencil neck date. For those who are creative, this neck could potentially find an application for restoring a mid-’50s Esquire/Tele as well!

This vintage neck feels i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. The medium soft-C shape is extremely comfortable. The neck is perfectly straight, and the truss rod turns smoothly. The original frets display expected wear and the fingerboard exhibits subsequent discoloration. The original nut is in correspondingly great shape.