1959 Fender Bandmaster

This is a vintage 1959 Fender Bandmaster “5E7″ guitar amplifier. This Tweed 3×10″ Bandmaster, serial number S02964, is in very excellent 100% all original condition and includes a reissue brown Victoria canvas cover. This completely original example retains every single original tube, the original gray power cable, and even all of the original capacitors. It is completely and perfectly preserved, and though it is not in mint cosmetic condition, it remains in very excellent 8.5/10 shape. Not only is it entirely original, it also happens to work perfectly and sound fantastic. Perfect for discerning collectors and vintage amp enthusiasts alike, this is the example to own!

Serial Number: S02964
Tube Chart Stamp: IE (May 1959)
Speaker Code: 220915, 220917 (Jensen P10R)

This ’59 Fender Bandmaster utilizes: (1) 5U4, (2) 6L6, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 12AY7 tubes through 3 x 10″ Jensen P10R Special Design speaker.

As previously mentioned, all of the amp’s components are original. The Jensen P10R’s paper cones are all intact and crisp, all Astron caps are well preserved and functional, and even the entire set of matching tubes remain installed and in perfect working order!

The amp is incredibly efficient sounding, with much more articulation and head room than most. Instead of collapsing and sounding over compressed, the signal remains highly balanced at all volumes. Warm, yet with a musical rigidity most Tweed amps lack, this is a beautiful sounding amp with any guitar.