1958 Supro No. 1614 Spectator

Here is a vintage 1958 Supro No. 1614 “Spectator” electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number X89508, is in very nice all original condition. Highly reminiscent of a Tweed Fender Princeton with regard to sonic performance, this small ensemble produces a surprisingly large sound. This model is one of Valco’s (amp manufacturer for Supro, Gretsch, National, Airline, Danelectro, Harmony, Kay) best kept secrets, and is 1/4 of the price of any comparable Tweed Fender amp.

Serial Number: X89508
Transformer Codes: 166739, 166739
Speaker Code: 285741 (Rola)

This ’57 Supro Spectator amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (1) 6V6, and (1) 7025 tubes through an original 1 x 8″ Rola speaker.

This example is perfect for both a player’s solo practice or a recording studio alike. These amps record extraordinarily well, and sound more like a 100w Marshall when in front of a mic than even a 100w Marshall.

The large white stripe is not very well secured, and is quite faded. The original black grill is nicely intact, as is, the original salt & pepper cloth tolex. The white control panel is crisp and attractive. Several tubes have been upgraded as well. The original speaker cone has a small rip along the circumference, which results in an audible flappiness and fatigue. The original cone can probably be repaired, or you can have it re-coned. A replacement speaker would also suffice. Aside from that somewhat common issue, the amp works perfectly, and it actually sounds quite interesting as it sits.