1958 Mosrite Double Neck

Here’s a vintage 1958 Mosrite Double [sic] Neck electric guitar. This particular very early, Granada Hills, production example custom made by Semie Moseley, has a pencil date of “10-1958”, as well as “No 1” scribbled in the inside of the electronics cavity. While this may not be the first double neck Moseley ever made, it is believed to be the first of several simplified prototypical versions of his more custom double neck creations in order to easily mass produce a more accessible model for less money.

This incredible instrument is in good original condition. While it is mostly intact, there are several small modifications that may have possibly been performed by Moseley himself. The standard neck is in nice original condition, but the octave neck appears to have had the tuning machines replaced with exact spec. Kluson copies. The octave guitar’s tailpiece appears to be a replacement, it is possible that the bridge is as well, and the octave neck appears to be sanded slightly. The only modifications appear to have been made to the octave neck only. The standard neck has (2) original Carvin pickups, while the octave neck has a single Carvin pickup. The finish on the body is original. The pickguard is original,but is cracked in several places. The guitar is playable, and the incredibly crude vibrato bridge works really well. It sounds great, as is the same with most early Carvin pickups, and it looks fantastic. The orignal case is in very good all original condition, though it is missing the plastic portion of the handle.