1948 Leilani Lap Steel Amp

Here’s a vintage 1948 Leilani Lap Steel electric guitar amplifier. Commonly sold in conjunction with a matching student lap steel, this amp was made by Magnatone (Manga Electronics Co.) and distributed through Gourley of Santa Monica. This particular example is in excellent all original vintage condition. Since most student amps were abused, mistreated, and poorly stored, it’s extremely rare to find an example this nice and original.

This ’48 Leilani Amp utilizes: (1) 5Y3, (1) 6L6, and (1) 6SJ7 original tubes through the original 1 x 8″ Permaflux Speaker. With a Smoke Gray Pearloid exterior and a well-preserved purple “Leilani” grillecloth graphic, it’s not just a cool guitar amp, but is clearly an awesome vintage guitar novelty or display piece. Topped off with a small chrome refrigerator-style handle, this amp epitomizes ’50s cool.

As mentioned, this amp is all original condition, including; the speaker, transformers, tubes, capacitors, and all other resistors, wiring, etc., all of which are original in this amp.

It works perfectly and sounds good. Though notoriously under-powered and quiet, this amp does not produce the overdrive and growl of a Tweed Champ, though it is still a fantastic recording amp in it’s own delicate way.