1958 Fender Champ -Amp

This is a vintage 100% original 1958 Fender Champ guitar amplifier. This Tweed Champ is in nice vintage cosmetic condition, while also being in magnificently intact internal shape. This particular Tweed Champ, serial number C08141, is a testament to the expression “good things come in small packages,” and it truly exemplifies why the Champ has become the biggest small amp.

This 1958 Fender Champ features: a Tweed exterior, a narrow panel cabinet design, an 8″ Oxford speaker, a Triad power transformer, original Phillips 5Y3GT rectifier and NOS 6V6 power tube, original Astron capacitors, all original electronic components, and all original hardware.

As illustrated in the photos, the amp is in nice condition. Tweed covering, being light-colored and fragile, commonly displays its age. This amp exhibits generally average fading of the tweed, scuff marks, and minimal fraying. It is not in poor shape, and we actually prefer tweed amps with a little mojo like this. The original leather handle is intact, and the chrome-plated chassis exhibits minimal slightl oxidation.

How does it sound? INCREDIBLE! It is extremely efficient. Louder than most and not too saggy. Musical tube compression combines with edge to create amazing recording tone. The small size of the Champ amp belies how monstrous it can sound in front of a microphone: outperforming some of the most iconic amps of all time.

The only issue is that the original speaker was re-coned by Orange County speaker several years ago, which makes it extremely tight and aggressive. This particular example will be great for recording.

Serial Number – C08141
Tube Chart Date Stamp – HI (Sept. ’58)
Utah Speaker Date Code – N/A
Triad Transformer Code – 66079B