1958 Fender P Bass

This is a vintage 100% all original 1958 Fender Precision Bass electric bass guitar. This particular gold anodized guard example, serial number 025086, includes both original covers and an original gigbag. While clearly well-preserved and in very excellent cosmetic condition, the bass also plays easily and sounds incredible. Perhaps the most iconic Fender bass ever made, the ’57/’58 Precision remains the absolute archetype for the majority of basses to came after. While Leo Fender was quite certainly the officiate between the marriage of form and function with respect to all his designs, the brilliance of the Precision Bass has enjoyed a more profound celebrity, and this precise version is the one to have.

Serial Number: 025086 (-25880 on the under side)
Potentiometer Codes: 137 819 (CTS), 304 807 (Stackpole)
Body Date: 7/58
Neck Date: 5-58
Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz.

This ’58 P Bass is in surprisingly excellent condition. The finish hasn’t faded in the slightest, and the original 3-tone sunburst color still retains a tremendous amount of luster. Both the Maple neck and the Alder body exhibit tight and intricate spider-webbed weather-checking patterns that noninvasively contribute tons to the overall mojo factor. Importantly, since the bass was stored in an original gigbag for the majority of the last 53 years, there is no evidence of typical case wear on the sides of the body, which is present on even the nicest examples of those stored in original hard cases. The hardware is also quite nice, although the original covers exhibit similar oxidation patterns on the treble side. The anodized gold guard is in excellent shape, with less than average wear through the gold anodizing to the silver aluminum material beneath. All of the hardware is original; the original matched Telecaster knurled knobs are in excellent shape, the reverse tuning machines function perfectly and look great and all corresponding screws and hardware are intact and attractive.

The split pickup with raised A-string pole pieces is a very rare variety that was offered for a limited time to circumvent notoriously lower output. The maple neck still sports original frets, original string tree, original nut, original decal and original tuning machines, and is clearly still quite clean. Although the finish aged to an attractive yellow, there is minimal evidence of unsightly and off-putting fingerboard wear. The neck is perfectly straight, and the profile is amazingly comfortable.

One interesting well-documented anomaly, which occurred in between 1959-1959 with most models, is the double-stamped neck plate. This neck plate also has a “0” prefix number visible when mounted with the “-” prefix number on the underside. Fender was pretty consistent and really good with uniformity, which is why it’s always fun to discover an instrument with such an interesting detail.

This particular version, with the 3-tone sunburst finish/gold-anodized guard/maple neck, was only produced for approximately a 10-month period, and is actually considerably rare. Let alone the fact that it has the raised pole-pieces in the split pickup, which indicates it’s even rare amongst those.