1957 Magnatone Custom 260

This is a vintage 100% original 1957 Magnatone Custom 260 guitar amplifier. Most famous for it’s extremely musical pitch-shifting vibrato, the Magnatone 260 and 280 models have become incredibly popular for the beautiful and classic 1950’s tone. The Custom 260 has (2) heavy duty 12″ speakers, and is capable of wide tone range from resonant bass to brilliant treble with a dynamic solid middle registor for stand-out performance. The 260 and 280 were most notably used by artists such as; Robert Ward, Lonnie Mack, and Buddy Holly, and it is without a doubt one of the best vintage amps for the value.

Transformer Codes: 606728, 606728
Speaker Codes: 465-735
Pot Codes: 137 734

The 260 contains MAGNATONE’S Exclusive Patented BIG “V” –Vibrato– The first True Musical vibrato. Acoustically correct, smart cabinet in rich charcoal brown leatherette with gold appointments. This example is in very nice 100% ALL original condition. The vinyl and grill cloth are in very excellent condition, and the amp still retains the original leather handle which is also intact and functional. Even the original power cable is in very nice condition. The original owner lightly scratched their Oregon license number into the control panel, and there is a black mark on top of the amp which I have not attempted to remove.

The 260 used a pair of 5881 valves (6L6), putting out around 35 watts into the two vintage Oxford AlNiCo speakers. The remaining valves are; (2) 6CG7s, (3) 12AX7s, as well as, the 5U4GB rectifier. All of the tubes are appropriate NOS RCA black-plate vacuum tubes. The amp works perfectly and sounds absolutely amazing. Both original speakers feature original cones in perfect condition with no fatigue nor voiceooil distortion.