1957 Mussi M-12

Here’s an incredibly rare 1957 Mussi M-12 electric guitar amplifier by Ampeg. This particular example is in impeccably mint 100% all original condition and includes the original Vicotria canvas cover and the original doorstop tremolo footswitch. Essentially a re-branded Ampeg Mercury M-12 guitar amplifier for the Mussi accordion company, it also happens to be the rarest Ampeg amp variant, and is considered to be an extremely limited single-batch production piece. With perhaps less than 10 units ever completed, this is one of the absolute coolest vintage Ampeg amps. Furthermore, this is, without a doubt, the finest example in existence, and remains both in perfectly preserved cosmetic condition and 100% all original shape.

This ’57 Mussi M-12 features: (1) Sylvania 5Y3 rectifier tube, (2) Sylvania 6V6 power tubes, (3) matched RCA Black Plate 6SL7 tubes, the original green frame 1 x 12″ Jensen “Concert Speaker DP-Alnico-5” P12R speaker, a turquoise and blue stippled cloth tolex, with Jackson Pollock inspired gold & black tu-tone paint drip design over the beige grill cloth with a hand-applied “Mussi” script stencil logo, a highly polished chrome chassis with (2) “Instruments” inputs and an additional two for “Mike or Accordion,” with 2 separate channels each of which feature a “Volume” and “Tone” control, along with “Speed” and “Intensity” parameters for the classic Ampeg tremolo, and of course the aforementioned original accessories.

This amp works perfectly, and it sounds fantastic. The speaker still retains a fully functional original cone, and all of the Astron capacitors and Black Plate tubes work flawlessly. There is slight oscillation when turned all the way up, most likely from a fatiguing tremolo circuit, however, it is not abundantly noticeable. With a sound most like a 4-input Tweed Deluxe, the saturated and rich natural overdrive remains nearly impossible to recreate by amp manufacturers today. An awesome amp for both guitar and harp, this is certainly one for the esoteric amp collector who almost has it all.