1957 Gretsch Electromatic Twin 6169

Here is a vintage 1957 “Gretsch Electromatic Twin” 6169 electric guitar amplifier. This particular 6169 example, serial number X81424, features the upgraded “Buff with brown” and “tooled leather trim” appointments that cost an additional $15 and happened to perfectly match and complement your Gretsch Round Up (6130) or the concurrent Chet Atkins (6120). This incredibly well preserved example even has the original Artistic canvas cover and the original RCA 6V6 power tubes. Even the most avid and experienced of amp enthusiasts will attest to the absolute rarity of such a piece in this condition, as finding a finer example is arguably out of the question.

Serial Number: X81424
Transformer Codes: 166611
Speaker Codes: 285632, 285648, 285650 (Rola)

This ’57 Gretsch 6169 amp features: the “Western Finish” boasting a two-tone textured white/cream tolex, brown tooled leather trim, an authentic western-themed belt buckle, brown grill cloth with the Gretsch logo and steer head screen in white, and the original brown Artistic Products Co. form-fit canvas cover.

This 14-watt output twin-elliptical speaker amp sounds like a sweet-sounding Tweed Deluxe. The gorgeous overdrive with natural compression makes most guitars sound incredible. Perfect for both recording and in-home enjoyment alike, the dual 6V6 power tubes are more than enough to satisfy.

During the mid-century, American designers were studied pupils of both form and function, as this iconic piece of Americana also happens to be a great-sounding amplifier. Though this great amp will most likely end up in the hands of a very appreciative player/collector, it is respectfully also suited to be showcased within the Autry National Center, the Country Music Hall of Fame, or some institution just as illustrious.