1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Here is a vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar. The Les Paul Jr. has arguably become the most revered student model guitar ever produced. The same simple features that made the Jr. affordable then are the same that make it so great and accessible today. With a single P-90 pickup and an all mahogany slab body/neck construction, the no frills Les Paul Jr. produces simply great tone. Not to mention the fact that most other 1950’s guitars that don the “Les Paul…” silk screen are worth considerably more. This particular example was owned by a dedicated player, and though it displays serious authentic playing wear, it has never been broken, cracked, or repaired. It is the absolute perfect player’s piece for those interested in an all original player’s grade specimen. Both a good investment and an exciting new toy, this is a vintage bargain to be had. Already re-fretted with jumbo frets, complete with a factory robust 8.46Ω P-90, this is an all-around great instrument.

This Les Paul Jr. is a fantastic guitar. It weighs 8 lbs. (8.125 to be exact), feels incredible and sounds amazing. The P-90 is surprisingly louder than most, and the jumbo frets enable playability with tremendous ease. It has aged in all the right ways, and really looks the part. The new owner is going to get a great guitar, so if you’ve been looking for the right player’s Jr., look no further.

For Gibson, the year 1957 is, without a doubt, the golden year for Les Paul Juniors. That is because less than a year later, in 1958, the design would deviate to incorporate an additional cutaway. The single-cutaway 1957 Jr. features the large ’59 profile neck, an excellent neck angle and attractive gold top-hat knobs. It is also the last year to feature the beautiful Black-to-Yellow Sunburst finish, as later versions adapted the Cherry finish.

This particular example in good all original condition with no breaks, no cracks and no repairs. Aside from the input jack having been replaced and the frets being upgraded to a larger profile, the guitar is completely stock and intact. All of the original hardware is in good shape, and the original Tobacco sunburst finish is very good as well.

As mentioned, this guitar has been seriously played, and the isolated heavy playing wear clearly illustrates such. Even the pickguard is worn through the clear coat and the top layer (this is clearly illustrated in one of the pics alongside this text column). The back of the body has a large portion of wear through the finish into the wood, and even the neck has significant playing wear as well. The body displays heavy weather-checking, dings and several small gouges. However, clearly this instrument was maintained and cared for considering the lack of any structural issues. The wrap-around stop tailpiece sockets are clean and upright, with no evidence of even the slightest tilt, the neck heel is sold and strong and the headstock, though worn, is structurally perfect.