1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Here’s a vintage 100% all original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar. The Les Paul Jr. has arguably become the most revered student model guitar ever produced. The same simple features that made the Jr. affordable then are the same that make it so great today. With a single P-90 pickup and an all mahogany slab body/neck construction, the no frills Les Paul Jr. produces simply great tone. Not to mention the fact that most other 1950’s guitars that don the “Les Paul…” silk screen are worth considerably more. With incredibly attractive and authentic patina, this LP Jr. has all the right wear in all the right places, and is perfectly intact with absolutely no issues. With incredible vintage vibe, this is both the perfect Jr. for the player into intact and original examples, or collectors inspired by major mojo.

Serial Number: 7 2423
Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
P-90 Pickup Resistance: 7.81Ω

1957 is, without a doubt, the golden year for Les Paul Juniors. That is because less than a year later, in 1958, the design would deviate to incorporate an additional cutaway (resulting in a weaker neck joint with less mass.) The single-cutaway 1957 Jr. features the large ’59 profile neck, an excellent neck angle, and attractive gold top-hat knobs. Since the stud receptacles are deeper this era, the wrap-around stop tailpiece sits exactly as designed, and the studs do not tilt in the slightest.

This particular example is in 100% original condition with no breaks, no cracks, no repairs, and no modifications whatsoever. All of the original hardware is intact, and the original Tobacco sunburst finish is very nice as well. The P-90 measures slightly hot, and the guitar sounds fantastic. Very light weight, singing with sustain and magnificent resonance, this advanced acoustic properties of this simple slab-body design really translate well through a large single-coil pickup.

With obvious playing wear, pick wear, scratches, dings, weather-checking, etc., this is a Junior that saw serious actual playing time. The original frets have been dressed professionally, and actually contribute to the guitar’s seemingly effortless playability. Yes, it has the perfect deep large C-shape profile ’57 Classic neck shape, and it nearly melts in the palm of your hand.