1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior

This is a vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr. TV model electric guitar. First introduced in 1954, the short-lived TV model Les Paul Jr. was painted its signature yellowish color to reduce light reflection on black & white television broadcasts. Production only lasted from late 1954 until 1960, with only about 3000 individual instruments released. This particular example (serial number 7 2307) is 100% original, in excellent, 9+ condition, and even comes with its original alligator case increasing its rarity even more.

The solid mahogany body and its signature TV yellow finish are in fantastic shape, showing very few cosmetic flaws. While there are a few notable dings, these can only be expected on a 53 year old instrument, and only add to its already massive vintage appeal. The 22-fret mahogany neck is also in excellent condition, is arrow-straight with low action, and is comfortable and buzz-free all the way up and down the rosewood fingerboard.

Other features of this guitar include all original electronics, and P90 single-coil pickup, nickel stop-bar tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge, and original Kluson tuning machines. It should be noted that the buttons, as expected, have become brittle – some have begun to break. All pictures below are of the actual item. 1957 saw the manufacture of a mere 552 individual guitars, very few of which are still around today in this condition.