1957 Fender Twin -Amp

This is a vintage 100% ALL ORIGINAL 1957 Fender Twin-Amp tweed guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number A00012 (yes, you read correctly, #12), is the 80 watt “high-powered” Twin offered for only a couple years and is most likely one of the first of the 5F8 variety, considering it’s remarkably low serial number. This incredibly rare large-box version with the 83 rectifier tube was only produced for a very limited 3 month-period and, although made in such minute quantities, has since achieved the most legendary status of all of the Fender tweed line. Without a doubt considered the best and “most versatile” (according to The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps) Fender amp from the era, it became the amp of choice of Keith Richards, and can be heard on the most famous Rolling Stones recordings.

Serial Number: A00012 (both on chassis and tube chart
Tube Chart Date Stamp: GG (July 1957)
Transformer Codes: 7993, 45268, 14684
Speaker Codes: 220725

This amp sounds so amazing, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim it as “the best.” It really is. It sounds like the best amp of all time: with rich and harmonic head room and the perfect amount of natural tube distortion, this has to be the pinnacle of Leo Fender’s amp designing career, and that’s a pretty bold statement considering the endless list of incredible Fender amps. It just doesn’t get better than this. Additionally, this particular one is magical. It works perfectly and is surprisingly healthy. The speakers are in excellent original condition without exhibiting speaker fatigue or voice coil distortion. The smooth and pleasant clean tone is absolutely unparalleled by any VOX, Marshall or other Fender amp. It is spectacularly special, and sounds amazing with any guitar.

While this amp may not be in pristine cosmetic condition, it happens to be in nicely intact 100% original shape. The original tweed exterior exhibits stains, snags, discoloration, cigarette burns and fraying but is complete and attractive. The original grill cloth is in excellent cosmetic condition with one small puncture (that did not affect the speaker baffle) and evidence of slight rubbing on a very small isolated area near the bottom right. The original chrome face panel is nice with expected signs of use, and the chassis happens to be rather crisp and is void of distracting or suspicious oxidation.

This example is original where it counts: transformers, speakers, circuit board etc. The only modifications to this amp are the power chord and several appropriate NOS tubes. It appears one electrolytic was added, while the original remains in the amp.

This short-lived Fender Twin-Amp utilizes (1) 83, (4) 5881, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 12AY7 tubes through 2 original 12″ Jensen Alnico Concert series speakers.

This amp works perfectly and sounds really really great. It is nice and tight with plenty of rich low-end and sweet non-harsh mids and highs.