1957 Fender Bassman -Amp

This is a vintage 1957 Fender Bassman bass/guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial number BM00163, is in 100% all original condition, and remains in highly exceptional cosmetic condition. While Wikipedia isn’t always the best place for accurate info, we completely agree when the relevant article claims that this 5F6-A 4×10″ configuration, “came to be one of the greatest and most sought after amplifiers in history.” This is the amp that inspired Jim Marshall to build his first amplifiers, and is widely considered one of the best 50w amps of all time.

This very early production 5F6-A Bassman features a 5F6 tube chart with the 83 rectifier tube boldly crossed out with a hand-written GZ34 designation aside. This transitional example, which features the tube chart from a 5F6, as well as, the earlier leather handle appointment, was manufactured amongst the first several batches of iconic 5F6-A Bassmans.

The low serial number and transitional tube chart really enhance the amp’s rarity, however, the absolute museum-quality (near pristine) condition elevate this amp to an entirely different level of collecitbility.

Yes. This amp is 100% ALL ORIGINAL. All of the electrical components, including: transformers, capacitors (even the electrolytics), resistors, pots, power cable, etc. are original to this amplifier. All (4) Jensen P10R speakers are original and still retain their original cones. Some of the original tubes have been replaced with vintage NOS tubes of comparable quality. Not a single solder joint has been touched nor a cloth wire spliced: this amp is in such remarkably well-preserved condition, that we doubt we will be able to ever replace it with one of comparable condition and originality.

As can be seen, this amp is in very fine cosmetic condition. Thanks to being protected by the original cover, the tweed exterior hasn’t faded in the slightest. What’s even more incredible, is how perfectly intact the grill cloth is! There is some minimal sagging of the tweed on the right side panel, in addition to, some expected wear on the bottom corners. The amp still has the original canvas cover which is in good condition, although a hole has worn through the material near the top of the amp.

This pristine example works perfectly and sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Many guitarists, amp enthusiasts, and collectors agree that the 5F6-A Bassman is perhaps the best guitar amp ever made, and after listening to this amp, you would enthusiastically agree. Regardless of how many complimentary adjectives are used to describe the sound of this amp, it simply would not do it justice. This amp sounds perfect.

Serial Number: BM00163
Tube Chart Date Stamp: GJ (October ’57)
Power Transformer Code: 8087
Jesnen Speaker Codes: (2) 220738, (2) 220740
Pot Code: 304545